Thomas a Becket Junction improvements delayed

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Cllr. says we have too may councils

Jill_Hope.png County Councillor Jill Hope ( Lib Dem Sixfields)

Lib Dem Jill Hope says " There are too many councils costing too much money in Northamptonshire
 8 councils - 1county council and 7 district councils.
THAT’S 8 chief executives, 8 council leaders, 8 teams of paid officials and 8 groups of
THE 2 councils in Northampton, the borough council and the county council
are both in financial difficulties, really struggling to make the cuts that have been imposed by central government, and
really struggling to deliver the services they should be delivering."
"IF THIS was a business, the councils would have merged years ago." says Jill
"NORTHAMPTON needs a single council running the whole town, not two councils. Most residents don’t have
much idea which council is responsible for which service -it simply confuses them.
South Northamptonshire has already announced that it is leaving the county council and setting up its own
arrangements with Cherwell Council .
THE rest of Northamptonshire outside Northampton could easily manage with two unitary
councils, one in the North and one in the east. AT a stroke this would save millions.

THE one fly in the ointment is the expensive and unnecessary brand new HQ being built for the county council in Northampton town centre.

Too late to stop  so let's finish it and sell it"

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Campaigning for homes people can afford.

The Conservatives #‎HousingBill risks making the housing crisis even worse. Right now, Liberal Democrats are fighting this damaging bill. Stand with us in the fight to fix housing across Britain→

I oppose the forced sell-off of council homes to fund an extension of Right to Buy and believe Britain needs to build more affordable homes to rent and buy.
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Liberal Democrats fight 12 out of 12 in Daventry


The District Council Offices in Daventry

Liberal Democrats  and Conservatives are contesting all 12 seats up for election in Daventry and District this Year. Labour have 11 candidates with Greens and UKIP only 3 each.

Amongst the Lib Dems standing is well known Barby and Kilsby Councillor Catherine Lomax  who is up against a Conservative.

Neil Farmer is contesting Long Buckby and Chris Salaman Weedon. You can see a full list of all the candidates for the election on May 5th on the Daventry District Council Website.

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Northampton Springtime Supper. New members and old friends welcome

Tuesday 12th April   7pm

Kingsley Park Working Mens Club  NN2 7HJ

Hot Supper and Dessert only £8


Contact David 01604 784634


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Time to stop tax Avoidance


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Tory Budget without Lib Dems hits families and the disadvantaged


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It's clear: being out on our own instead of working with our European colleagues: "nothing short of madness.”


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Northampton's MPs vote for welfare cuts

From Paul Lynch . Chronicle & Echo


Northampton’s MPs have defended their decision to vote in favour of a £30-a-week cut to a disability benefit despite fears the move could “push sick and disabled people further away from work”.

The controversial measures to reduce the amount of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for some new claimants were twice defeated in the House of Lords.

More than 30 charities and members of the Disability Benefits Consortium, including Mencap, Mind and Parkinson’s UK wrote to welfare secretary Iain Duncan Smith to try and block the moves, part of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. In the open letter the charity chiefs said the cut would “push sick and disabled people further away from work.”

But it is now set to go ahead after peers deferred to the elected Commons. All of Northamptonshire’s seven MPs voted in favour of the ESA cut.

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The Chancellor's hidden NHS cuts exposed

Osborne's £650m stealth cut to the NHS

Changes hidden in the Budget will mean the NHS has £650m less to spend on front line services, Liberal Democrat research can reveal.
The research on the budget, based on analysis from the House of Commons Library, reveals hidden changes to public sector pensions, passing the cost directly to the health service and other public sector bodies.

Plans to reduce the public service pension scheme discount rate will raise the Treasury around £2bn from 2019/20, but passes the cost directly to the employers.
The NHS is one such employer and their share is estimated to be around £650m.
The changes will also see teachers’ pension contributions rise by £426m, the armed forces by £314m and police forces by more than £100m. This is an unbudgeted cost will take money away from front line services to pick up the bill.
Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:
“Even by George Osborne’s standards, this is a vicious attack on our health service, schools and public services.
“He made grand promises about funding the NHS and is now making secret cuts by the back door.
“David Cameron said he would do whatever it takes to fill the NHS black hole, and we’ve now discovered that actually means cutting £650m just to help the Chancellor’s budget-day balance sheet.
“George Osborne cannot pull the wool over people’s eyes. Choosing to ask schools, hospitals, and forces to pay £2bn extra in pension contributions has a real cost, and vital services will have to pick up the bill.
“The Conservatives simply cannot be trusted to protect the services communities rely on up and down the country.”

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