George Smid to fight for Northampton


George Smid to fight Northampton North

George Smid has been selected to stand for the Liberal Democrats in Northampton North in the forthcoming General Election.

The Liberal Democrats have a strong track record in general elections in this constituency which was a 3 way marginal in 2010 when the Liberal Democrats secured 27.9% of the vote.

George moved to England in 1981 to escape persecution by the Russians in his home country of Czechoslovakia. He gained his British Citizenship in 1987 and his children have grown up as British citizens enjoying a British way of life.

George lives with his wife in rural North Northamptonshire where he is active in his local community. He is a member of the Parish Council and takes an active interest in local developments and protecting local services.

George’s professional career has been in Civil and Structural Engineering where he has worked in the public as well as the private sector. After working for an international company, he set up on his own business consultancy company helping companies with cross border projects and new market entries.

As an MP George will fight to secure financing for local projects to solve local problems: care for the elderly and disabled, road improvement to Kingsthorpe traffic congestion, social housing, solar, not wind farm, recycling and renewable energy.

Residents in this constituency need an MP who will stand up for their concerns not another Conservative MP trooping through the Government lobbies under the instruction of a Prime Minister with a comfortable majority.


You can contact  George 

Mobile :- 07950 021 062

Email  :-


or via Alastair Thomson (Agent)


Mobile :- 07787 534 413





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Campaigner Jill is Hope for Northampton South


Northampton Liberal Democrats have selected local campaigner Jill Hope to be their candidate for Northampton South in the forthcoming General Election.

Jill had hoped to stand against David Mackintosh and hold him to account for the Tory record in Northampton. She commented “I understand why the Conservatives have ditched their previous MP but the question of what happened to £10m of council taxpayers money remains unanswered”

Originally from Birmingham, Jill has lived in Northampton since 1976 and has raised her 4 children here. She has worked in the past with long-term unemployed people in the town, and has helped hundreds of people to start up their own businesses.

A graduate in English with a postgraduate diploma in law, accountancy, statistics and economics, Jill has worked for a cross section of employers including The University of Northampton and Business Link.

As a councillor in Northampton for 12 years, Jill has helped many people locally with school admissions, disability tribunals and housing problems.

Asked why she wanted to become an MP Jill commented: “I have helped lots of local people with serious problems; but the queue never gets any shorter. I thought about why that was, and realised that the problems arise from bad policies at Government level. Instead of patching up the wounded, I want to change the policies that cause the pain and suffering.”

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Polling Station Change

People in Far Cotton and Delapre  should Vote at Queen Eleanor School not at The Rec Centre, Towcester RoadQE_Map.JPG


You Can Vote for Brendan Glynane Lib Dem Focus Team until 10pm

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2 Elections 1 Campaign

GOTV.jpgThe media news may be about June 8th but next week in Northamptonshire  we can elect more brilliant Lib Dem County Councillors. Sign up to help  to Get Out The Vote on Thursday and start the General Election campaign with BANG!

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Have Your Say


You can register online

The closing date to register to vote is 4 p.m. on Monday 22nd May

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County Commitment to Young People


Liberal Democrat candidates in Northamptonshire are committed to delivering 100  new county run or supported apprenticeships within 100 days of taking control.

Lib Dem Manifesto Page 6

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Councillor Sarah Campaigns to save COOP

Sarah_CooP.jpgSt Georges County Councillor Sarah Uldall has been out campaigning to save the COOP on "Kingsley Front"

County Councillor Sarah Uldall has written to The COOP Headquarters ,in a last ditch attempt to keep the Kingsley Park Terrace shop open.

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Over 100 Thousand


Between Early March and 4th May we ( helpers and volunteers) will be delivering more than 100 thousand leaflets to people across Northampton.

Northampton Liberal Democrats are taking the fight to both Tories and Labour in the County Council Elections. Contesting all 17 Seats in the town and looking to increase our number of councillors locally from 5 out of 17 to ?. How many could be up to you.

How you can help!

Get yourself a postal vote to make sure you have your say!

Vote Liberal Democrat Focus Team on 4th May

Help us deliver some of those leaflets! The good news is we are well on the way to 20,000 already.




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Revealed: Budget will leave you £744 per year worse off

Liberal Democrats calculate households will be £744 pounds a year worse off.

By Liberal Democrats Mar 08, 2017 3

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has attacked the Brexit squeeze budget, saying the government’s decision to take us out of the Single Market will cost the average UK household over £700 a year. Meanwhile, the Chancellor has clobbered “white van man” with £193 increase by next year in National Insurance charges.

Liberal Democrats calculate households will be £744 pounds a year worse off. Average disposable incomes are forecast to be £29,465 a year by 2020 but they would have been £30,209 without Brexit.

Tim Farron said: “This is an OmNICshambles. This slimmed down budget is only 64 pages long but shows the slimmed down ambition of this government. They are short of cash, short of ideas and short on ambition. Everything today, was overshadowed by a massive Brexit black hole at the heart of the Treasury’s forecasts.

“They have ignored the plight of the NHS, showing you can’t have a hard Brexit and a strong NHS. And they have broken the spirit of their manifesto commitments.

“This government is giving tax cuts to the richest and tax hikes for hard-working entrepreneurs. Targeting the self-employed by hitting white van man with a tax hike betrays Theresa May’s pledge to help the just about managing.

“If that were not bad enough, many public sector workers suffering a pay cap will be almost £3,000 a year worse off by 2020 –

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Lib Dems Campaign for Coach Facilities

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