Pre Fab Homes for Homeless


Liberal Democrat Councillors at the Borough Council are calling for the Council to purchase  some temporary , pre-fabicrated housing units  to use as  emergency accommodation for families waiting for a more permanent home.


Cllr. Sally Beardsworth , Leader of the Lib Dems on the council says. “ With increasing homelessness  the council is spending around £50,000 a month on temporary accommodation and much of this is going on Bed & Breakfast or to private landlords.”


“We believe that it is time for the authority to follow Reading council and others and use  prefabricated units to create a stock of temporary emergency housing which will provide homes for families while they are waiting authority-owned or other social housing”.


“B & B is particularly unsuitable and disruptive for families and at a time of growing homelessness represents  poor value for money within a stretched budget.” Says Councillor Beardsworth.


Background. A Council Report published  in September stated:

“During the past 18months, the council has struggled to deal with a sharp rise in the number of homelessness applications…..” Cabinet Report 13th September

“On 22 August 2017 The situation was as follows.

186 Homeless households were living in Temporary Accommodation

40 homeless households were living in temporary accommodation that is situated outside Northampton Borough.”

The council has to find emergency accommodation for all homeless families whilst their eligibility  and needs are assessed this can take up to 2 months during which time  temporary accommodation has to be found for them.