Politics and a Pint is back for September

Wednesday 14th September sees the return of Politics and a pint after the summer break . A chance to meet before The Lib Dem Conference the week after.


Lots has happened since June, A referendum, dozens of new members locally and a fantastic By election win in Westone Ward of Northampton. 
                              Come along if you're about to go to your first conference and perhaps hear from some hold hands. 

Come along if you are one of our new members and wan't to meet and chat.

Come along especially if you helped Brian Markham's winning campaign.

He wants to say a big thank you to some of those, (almost 50) people who made it possible.

                                                                           Just Come Along anyway.

Kingsley Park Working Mens Club, Northampton, NN2 7HJ
7pm until around 9pm Wednesday 14th Sept
Contact David 784634 for more details 
or email [email protected]