Liberal Democrats say no to Educational Segregation




Liberal Democrats will fight Theresa May's plans for more Grammar Schools.

We believe that a return to the 11 Plus exam will leave leave 80% of our children and young people behind.

Liberal Democrats believe that all children should have the best possible start in life and the opportunity to flourish when at school. Children develop in different ways and at different times and no child should be written off at 11 years old.

However Theresa May's plans are not only wrong for children they are wrong for the Country and the economy. To compete in the modern world Great Britain Ltd. needs a workforce that is educated, innovative and motivated.

Secondary Education In Northamptonshire has gone through many changes in the last 15 years and it is true that not long ago many of our local schools were under-performing.

Things are beginning to improve, we now have excellent schools which specialise in Music, Drama , Sport, Science and Technology. Girls Schools and a School for Boys as well as excellent colleges offering sixth form and vocational courses. There are also Free Schools and Religious Foundations.

At present parents and young people have an element of choice. Reintroducing The 11 plus will take away that choice and variety.

 So why on earth would we want to stop all of this progress and success and go back to a system that condemned kids as failures at the age of 11?

Why would we want to introduce more change and uncertainty?