Liberal Democrats repeat calls for Unitary Councils in Alternative Budget


Liberal Democrats have repeated calls for a trio of unitary authorities to replace the inefficient and ineffective County and District Councils across Northamptonshire.

While delivering the Lib Dem alternative budget to the County Council, Cllr. Chris Lofts (Lib Dem, Towcester) said “It is time to be honest, and it's time to be frank with the people we represent. This Council isn't failing. It isn't missing some of its targets. It has failed as an organisation; it has failed as a venture.

This organisation is here to provide, administer and manage funding for essential services.

It hasn't done that well for a very long time.

We know that from the sub-par schooling available to local children, from the whiplash we all risk every time we venture out on pothole-covered roads, from the falls we have all had on uneven pavements, and from a damning ofsted report that blamed weak political leadership for 9 years of neglect and failure of our children.

But now, this County Council can't fulfil its role at all, and it is time politicians and senior executives stopped miring the County in inefficiency and redundancy to facilitate their leeching from the tax payer.

It's time we shut this Council down.

It's time we take the 8 Councils we have in this County, each with their own Chief executive on a 6 figure salary, with their own finance officers and their own buildings to heat and keep and clean, each with their own set of politicians, their own garden parties and civic dinners ' and shut them all down, and replace them with 3, modern, efficient, fit for purpose Councils.”