Lib Dems launch campaign to save Delapre Abbey tearooms


Lib Dems in Delapre and Briar Hill have launched a campaign to save the tea-rooms in the walled Garden in Delapre Abbey.

Commenting, Cllr. Brendan Glynane (Lib Dem, Delapre and Briar Hill) said:

“Unfortunately, as part of his march to parliament, the Borough Council leader is willing to stomp all over the community and the abbey. He has pressured Friends of Delapre Abbey to close the tea room by withdrawing their lease and offering them “dog poo alley” instead of the walled garden for their outside seating.”

We believe this isn’t acceptable. Friends of Delapre Abbey is a group born out of our community – the communities of Delapre and Far Cotton – and we should have been consulted on these changes. The Borough Council, and the board of the friends group, have let us down.

The petition can be found by clicking “sign up” on the campaigns facebook page at