County Council should be "Shut down and replaced" - Cllr. Chris Lofts



The County Council is on the brink of complete collapse, Liberal Democrats have said today, and should be shut down.

The publication of the County Council's draft budget this week shows massive cuts this year, and every year for the next five. With services already failing or inadequate, and with budgets already over-running, it is time to be far more radical in our plans, according to the Liberal Democrats.

"We are in an absolutely disastrous situation" commented Chris Lofts, Deputy leader of the Lib Dems at County Hall, and Finance spokesperson. "We are seeing hundreds of millions of pounds taken out of the budget over the next 5 years while the need for services increases. These extra demands will be crippling to services."

It might not even be possible, the Lib Dems also note. Even before these drastic cuts, the Council is struggling to make ends meet  projecting a £15.5m overspend this year. The County Council is on the brink of complete financial collapse, and services are already failing.

"It is time to build a modern system that if efficient, locally controlled and cuts out wasteful repetition" concluded Chris.