County budget is a fantasy covering complete chaos - Cllr. Brendan Glynane


Liberal Democrats on Northamptonshire County Council have hit out at the draft budget published today, calling it "fantasy".

Last year, we sat in meetings and we raised our concerns that the level of cuts and the level of change was undeliverable commented Brendan Glynane, Leader of the Lib Dems at County Hall. ��Having proven us right and been tens of millions over budget, Tory leaders are now trying to sell us twice as many cuts hidden in even more fantastic reorganisation.

�The County Council is quite simply not fit for purpose and we shouldn�t be slashing services to protect the organisation when the organisation has failed. This budget is a fantasy covering the complete chaos at NCC.

Liberal Democrats want to see Northamptonshire�s 8 Councils replaced with three unitaries, ensuring a far more efficient organisation and a single point of contact and responsibility.