Cllr. Secures funding for new play equipment on Southfields.


Each year Northampton Borough Council receives  tens of thousands of pounds from Developers , so called planning gain. This money is for improvements to facilities in the areas surrounding new developments.  For the last five years Liberal Democrat  Cllr. Dennis Meredith has argued that Estates in the east of  Northampton have not had their share of this money. 

The council has listened and Dennis was told that £25,000 is to be allocated for new play equipment on Southfields.

Dennis commented  

“Decent play equipment is important for a local area” Dennis added “not just
for the happiness it brings children, and the health benefits they get from
playing outside more - but because I strongly believe that places where local
young people feel at home, places where they want to be, reduces crime and
anti-social behaviour caused by boredom.”