Cllr. Meredith to call for dedicated Eastern District Officer.


At tonight’s meeting of the Borough Council in the Guildhall, Cllr. Dennis Meredith (Lib Dem, Talavera) will call on a dedicated officer for the Eastern District.

Dennis will comment:

“Under the Liberal Democrat administration, we had Neighbourhood Partnerships and they were working well.”

“Unfortunately, this administration scrapped them.”

“It is essential that the Council recognise that the different areas of the town have substantially different needs concerning local services, infrastructure and investment. As such, officers should be experts in areas of the town as well as in their particular services.”

“Particularly deprived areas of the town, like the Eastern District, Castle, Spencer etc., should have officers specifically assigned to advocate for them in departmental meetings, and to ensure smooth running of services in those particular areas to ensure essential services are always delivered as needed.”

“Assigned officers to areas of high depravation will also ensure that local people have a point of contact within departments, so that the Council itself better understands the needs and desires of local residents, current policing pressures, etc.”

Dennis will point out the Borough Council’s failure to tackle the Social Housing waiting list and the state of the Eastern District lakes as evidence of the Council’s current disconnect with the people of his area.