Campaigner Jill is Hope for Northampton South


Northampton Liberal Democrats have selected local campaigner Jill Hope to be their candidate for Northampton South in the forthcoming General Election.

Jill had hoped to stand against David Mackintosh and hold him to account for the Tory record in Northampton. She commented “I understand why the Conservatives have ditched their previous MP but the question of what happened to £10m of council taxpayers money remains unanswered”

Originally from Birmingham, Jill has lived in Northampton since 1976 and has raised her 4 children here. She has worked in the past with long-term unemployed people in the town, and has helped hundreds of people to start up their own businesses.

A graduate in English with a postgraduate diploma in law, accountancy, statistics and economics, Jill has worked for a cross section of employers including The University of Northampton and Business Link.

As a councillor in Northampton for 12 years, Jill has helped many people locally with school admissions, disability tribunals and housing problems.

Asked why she wanted to become an MP Jill commented: “I have helped lots of local people with serious problems; but the queue never gets any shorter. I thought about why that was, and realised that the problems arise from bad policies at Government level. Instead of patching up the wounded, I want to change the policies that cause the pain and suffering.”

How to Contact Jill

                                        Mobile :- 07887 995 653

                              Email:- [email protected]