British Government's reaction to refugee crisis is embarrassing and shameful.


Above, washed up dead on a beach, is somebody's child.

He is not the first, and at the bottom of this article are several more pictures of dead children washed up on beaches. All of the photos below were from just one night. The children died along with around 80 other refugees fleeing untold horror in Syria and Libya.

Britain's response has been horrifyingly uncaring, shutting up borders and turning people away despite their great need. 


3 months ago, Tim Farron, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, called for Britain to open it's doors to 60000 Syrian and Libyan refugees. (You can read about that here ) - but so far the Tory government has allowed just 500 people to seek asylum on our shores.

More recently, Labour politicians and others have joined the call for Britain to do more - but still the Government resists. 

The international reputation of the United Kingdom is suffering enormously. The UK's position among it's European allies is being eroded. Rightfully so. 

Our response is shameful. Our Government is something to be deeply ashamed of. 

For more information on recent calls from across political parties for the UK to act on the refugee crisis, click here

Ways you can help


Please consider doing what you can to help - more information HERE

You can also complain to the BBC about their decision to use the incorrect term "Migrants" instead of "refugees", suggesting a political bias that it is meant to avoid. It is important that the media is being even handed in reporting this crisis. You can complain to the BBC here