“We are ashamed and embarrassed by our County Council. Humanity is proven absent in Northamptonshire Tories.”


Opposition councillors at NCC have condemned Conservative and UKIP members as “cold, callous and uncaring” following their vote against a motion calling for more help for refugees.

UKIP Councillors took their usual stance of cowardice and fear mongering, decrying Isis infiltrators amongst  refugees. The Tories appeared not to have bothered to read the text of the motion, defending their selfish and inhumane stance by citing lack of funds.

Cllr. Brendan Glynane (Lib Dem, Delapre and Rushmere), Leader of the Lib Dem group, who proposed the motion, commented “I’m truly shocked by this. The motion is very clear – it called for the County Council to take a lead and find out what capacity the County had to help these refugees, working with faith groups, district Councils, and anyone else who wanted to help. Once that work was done, the motion merely required that this capacity was used.”

The motion did not require nor even suggest that the County should try and do more than it could. The motivations of the Conservatives are those of fear, isolationism and self-interest; statements of financial distress and service pressure are a cheap, transparent fiction.

“The situation we are presented with today is the worst humanitarian crisis to reach European shores since the Second World War. However, the response from local Conservatives is heartless and lacks any sort of compassion. We need a strong and co-ordinated approach to tackling the crisis and to help those fleeing death and persecution in unstable countries.”