"No justification but greed" to build parking on battlefield site


Brendan Glynane, leader of the Liberal Democrats at County Hall and Councillor for the Delapre area has hit out at the Golf Course, saying the only justification they have for plans to tarmac over Northampton's battlefield site is greed.


Images taken by Cllr. Glynane tell a very clear story. The car park is practically empty at 7 and 8 am, when it is servicing the golf course alone. However, at 9am, it begins to fill up, despite the golf course remaining empty.

Cllr Glynane commented "It's clear that the Golf Course are letting out their parking to workers at Brackmills at a profit. They don't need more parking to service the golf club at all. This is greed, pure and simple, and the idea that this town would let a business destroy a site of possibly enormous historic significance so they can make a few extra quid is appalling."

After Lib Dem Councillors forced the golf club to stop their initial work to extend the carpark, a survey of the area turned up lead shot and a brooch, both of which are likely to have come from the battle.



Top: The car park servicing the golf course

Bottom: The car park full of workers while the golf course remains empty.