East Midlands Launch for Referendum Campaign - Saturday January 9th 2016


A personal invitation from Catherine Bearder MEP

Just a few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of accepting an invitation to visit the East Midlands. I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit major projects ‎that have been assisted by EU funding, see facilities that are being delivered to the community under the stewardship of Liberal Democrats and to chat over dinner with members from across the Region. Members who are keen to do everything possible to support the Referendum Campaign to ensure we Stay IN.

Now I have a personal invitation from me to you.

As you will know from Phil Knowles, the East Midlands Regional Referendum Rally takes place in Derby on Saturday January 9th. It's going to be a fantastic event and I would like to invite you to join me in officially launching the Lib Dem campaign for the vote we simply have to win.

From the start at 10.30 through to the finish at 1pm there will be speeches and workshops with information and ideas to help you campaign as well opportunities for you to share and exchange ideas on how we run the regionally-driven campaign.

Over the coming days we will be releasing the agenda but in the meantime please make sure that you book your place for January 9th. The event is FREE and many members have already booked their places. Follow the link here and book now at:


The East Midlands is doing a fantastic Job in preparing for the campaign that lies ahead, the next step is the Regional Rally on January 9th..

Look forward to seeing you in Derby.