Never heard of North & West Northamptonshire?

You know about Bankrupt Northamptonshire County Council, Disgraced Northampton Borough Council and shopped by their own Conservative MP’s - the saga of the last decade. Out of control, wasteful and dangerous for Children and Adults alike.

Now government commissioners have decided to break them up and create two ‘Unitary’ councils to sort the problems out and they claimed save money. 1 County Council and 8 Borough / District Councils become 2 Unitary – West Northamptonshire Council will be swallowing up the Northampton, Daventry and South Northamptonshire Districts and North Northamptonshire Council will replace Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby and East Northants District Councils

But what happened next – those same tired Conservative councillors – proven incompetence and inability to deliver quality Children, Adult, Roads and many other things cost effectively decide to add to cost – with an expensive Northampton Town Council and additional Parish Councils – no cost management to get savings there!

But will it sort the financial and service woes out? No! - with Children’s Services being given to a Northamptonshire wide Trust and many other core services continue to be run on a Northamptonshire wide basis there's even more likelihood of confusion and muddle

Will the duplicated service centres and management save money? – No!

Will two large sets of elected councillors and leaders and other ‘cabinet’ positions, two sets of telephone call staff, two sets of contract management and the list goes on save money and give quality services? – No!

Can we expect all this to Cost More? – almost certainly – YES!

Will services better Quality – Time will tell – but what do you think based on the Conservative track record?

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