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  • christopher pounds
    Bradlaugh for Northampton!’
    The Radical Candidate 1868

    Please join us on Saturday 17th November to celebrate the 150th anniversary of
    Charles Bradlaugh’s epic political struggle to be elected MP for Northampton

    Bradlaugh was a leading Atheist and Republican. He founded the National Secular Society in 1866 and
    campaigned for votes for women and Irish Home Rule. He promoted trade unionism and birth control,
    and spoke up in Parliament for the citizens of India. After a long battle he was able to win the enthusiastic
    support of the citizens of Northampton, and they stood by him when he was prevented from taking his seat
    in 1880. His campaign in Northampton became one of the most important political struggles of the
    19th Century As our MP he helped win constitutional reform and greater tolerance for people without
    religious belief, and the advanced many important progressive causes.

    12.00 – Guided walk of sites associated with Bradlaugh
    Meet on the steps of All Saints Church
    1.30 pm – Lunch at the Charles Bradlaugh Public House, the Mounts

    ‘The Fool says there is no God!’ – rallying cry of the anti- Bradlaughites

    Fortunately, secularism, birth control and the other issues that excited the Northampton electorate in 1868 are not
    quite so contentious today! However, in recent years there has been an upsurge of religious fundamentalism and
    deadly attacks on secularists. ‘Apostasy’ and ‘blasphemy’ are still capital offences in some countries.
    Writer and human rights campaigner Gita Sahgal hopes to support our event and she will propose a
    collection to be made on behalf of secularists who are in danger.

    We hope that you will be able to support this celebration – please contact us to reserve a seat at the pub
    - If you would like to eat then please make a choice from the menu on their website and let us know in advance.

    For more information please contact: or phone: 07956600827
  • Paul Schofield