Martin for Eastfield

Local business man and environmental campaigner has been chosen as the Liberal Democrat Focus Team candidate for the By-election in Eastfield Ward of Northampton Borouch Council on 28th September. Martin was a first time candidate in the County elections last May, standing in Headlnads where he doubled the previous vote.

Canvassing has already started and the first leaflet will go out this weekend.


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Friends & Family Barbecue


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A Vote for The Liberal Democrats is a vote to change our broken politics

It is clear that whether Theresa May or Labour "win" on Thursday they will lead a divided country and a government that more people voted against than voted for.

The Liberal Democrats want to Change Britain's Future by changing our politics.

Liberal Democrats would:

  • Introduce the Single Transferable Vote for local government elections in England and for electing MPs across the UK.
  • Reform the House of Lords with a proper democratic mandate.
  • Take big money out of politics by capping donations to political parties at £10,000 per person each year, and introducing wider reforms to party funding along the lines of the 2011 report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life.
  • Deliver on our promises to Scotland in full, devolve more powers to Wales, and secure the political stability of Northern Ireland.


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The Most Important Issue of All


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