Cut 2 New Cabinet Posts Say Liberal Democrats


Northamptonshire County Council had a special meeting Yesterday 22nd February and councillors were told that the council would fail to balance its books by the end of March.

Councillors were told that the spending controls imposed in February  are unlikely to bring the £20 million savings needed to balance the books . Where this leaves the council remains unclear but it is clear as one member of the public put it, "we live in interesting times ". 

In a long debate Lib Dem and Labour Councillors  called for the Leader of the Council to go . Cllr.  Dennis Meredith ( Lib Dem Talavera )   also questioned why, when they they knew that they were heading for disaster, Conservatives had appointed an additional  2  cabinet members in December at a cost of around £9,000 extra each. Not much toward £20 million but a sign that even when cutting everything else  Tories can always find jobs for the  old boys.


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"Contractors have given up" says Councillor


Councillor Dennis Meredith ( Lib Dem Talavera Ward) Claims that Enterprise , The Council’s current  grounds  maintenance contractor has given up.

Cllr. Meredith says that litter-picking, clearing fly-tipping and other routine jobs are not being carried out in areas such as Southfields. He believes that Enterprise ( Who’re losing the work  from  June this year) are just not responding to councillor or residents requests to clean up areas.

He says other councillors across the town have told him the same.

The Conservative controlled council have promised to put an extra £ 1 million in, to clean up the town, once the new contractors take over in June , but Cllr. Meredith says that there is still work outstanding from last Autumn which nobody seems to worry about.

I asked for assurance that officers would continue to monitor performance of the existing contract but am not happy with the response.

People cannot wait another 4 months with fly-tipping and rubbish in their neighbourhoods says Dennis


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Much Needed Homes Sold at Discount



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Be Careful What You Wish For !

protest.jpg                                              Liberal Democrats Protest outside County Hall last November

Northamptonshire's  Tory MPs and Local Labour are calling  for the Conservative's in charge of the failing County Council to be sacked and for Government Commissioners to step in and run the authority. They need to be wary of what they wish for. If the unelected  officials step in then they will slash and burn , cutting all services to the bone and doing away with  non-statutory services like bus subsidies.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the council, Cllr. Chris Stanbra is calling for a local  democratic solution  with local politicians from all sides working together to provide a long-term and sustainable solution to county finances. See Chris's 5 Point Plan Below



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