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George Smid for Northampton NorthThis election is not about ‘strong and stable leadership’. This election is about Brexit and U turns. Count the recent U turns for a certain Theresa May: the first U turn on Justice and Home Affairs ‘opt out then opt in’. Then U turn on ‘no immigrations’, U turn on ‘no Brexit’ with the following ‘no tax increase’ U turn. (This was a triple U turn with “no-yes-no-maybe” coming in a quick succession). And the final U turn – no elections before 2020.

Brexit is about Europe. George’s knowledge of Europe is factual and intuitive: George was born in 1952 in what was at that time communist Czechoslovakia. Not agreeing with the Russian invasion in 1968 he left Czechoslovakia in 1981, gaining British Citizenship in 1987. George’s professional career has been in Civil and Structural Engineering where he has worked in the public as well as the private sector. After working for an international company, he set up on his own business consultancy company. Married with an adult son and a disabled daughter, he enjoys reading, walking, skiing and dreaming. He is involved in a number of local issues, from the Transition Movement to campaigning against a radioactive waste dump, green belt development and for supporting local services. He is the chair of East Midlands European Movement.

George joined the Liberal Democrats in 2010 and shortly thereafter became the Chairman of the Local Party in Corby. Now actively involved in local and national campaigning he is an executive member of ALTER (Action for Land Taxation and Economic Reform) and a member of ALDES (Association of Liberal Democrat Engineers & Scientists).

This election should be about what each party is proposing to achieve by leaving the EU.  George will expose the fallacy of the Tories and the weakness of Labour. In his campaign George will argue for the people to have a final say on the results of the negotiations. On economy he will outline the current unfair system where ‘pain is shared by many’ but ‘gain is benefited by a few’. The current Left and Right economic policies differ in means but are having the same impact: Tories cut taxes and to pay for the cuts, ‘squeezes the middle’. Labour increases public spending and to pay for it ‘squeezes the middle’. In both cases the low paid, the savers, the young, the pensioners, working people suffer.

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