A Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year


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  • Daniel Matthews
    To whom it may concern I am a first time visitor on your site and I have been having a ongoing battle with my next day door neighbour for over a year I have complained about them so many times I have basically been called a liar as there has not been enough evidence this is not what I am trying to get help with but I am trying to get help with banning new years parties held at homes as it is not fair on other people who don’t celebrate new year and it’s not fair to suffer from loud music, screaming and shouting and fireworks if people who want to celebrate new years should go out to pubs and celebrate without disturbing the peace if yourself could help with this matter I would be ever so grateful as I don’t know who else to turn to, I am not complaining on my behalf I am complaining on behalf of the other neighbours who are suffering in silence as they are not getting any peace either thankyou and regards Daniel matthews