Lib Dems reject Tax Hike for poorer families

 At last nights council meeting Cllr. Sally Beardsworth spoke out against Tory plans to reduce council tax support for poorer households. The new changes mean that working people on the lowest incomes will face the biggest rise.

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Time to get up and join The Fightback


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The Rule of Law


Laws made by The British Parliament  implemented by British Judges

No person, no group of people, no organisation or company, not even Government is above the law.  The law is what keeps our democracy safe.

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Call to keep Local Government Local

Northamptonshire Tories want to wipe out  over 800 years of  Northampton history and our local council


Councillor Sally Beardworth

At the end of December Northamptonshire County Council put forward a bid for a single council to cover the whole of the County stretching from Brackley to Oundle. They have even put aside £10 million  to promote this idea.  This from a council that  its own auditors say is in debt and struggling financially.

Liberal Democrats in Northampton led by Councillor Sally Beardsworth have put forward a motion to next weeks meeting of Northampton Borough Council calling for local support to retain our own council here in Northampton.

"Northampton is an ancient borough with over 800 years of history in controlling its own affairs" says Sally. " We fully support the move to single  councils cutting down on duplication and waste but a huge county wide council would be too remote and unresponsive". We need a council based on or around our existing boundaries , one that can respond to local issues locally " .

Details of the Liberal Democrat motion are set out below.

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let's work together on Health Crisis

Norman Lamb MP calls for cross-party consensus on future funding for Health & Social Care

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Community Clean Up

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Let's face up to the real costs !


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Lib Dem Councillors call for support for local pharmacies


The Liberal Democrats on Northampton Borough Council have put forward a motion to the council meeting on 7th November asking councillors to support local chemist shops.

Cllr. Brian Markham (Lib Dem Westone Ward) who is proposing the motion says.

Central Government is planning to cut upfront funding for pharmacies by 12% from 1st December and by a further 6% in 2017. The changes to the way the Department of Health pays local pharmacies will particularly affect small local shops that many people rely on”. “Liberal Democrats recognise that our local chemist shops not only dispense prescriptions but also provide help and advice.“ says Cllr. Markham “Everything from advice on weight reduction, stopping smoking and sexual health to cold remedies are provided by local pharmacies if we lose their services then surely that will put more pressure on overstretched GPs and A&E Departments.”

Councillor Sally Beardsworth Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on the council adds “ Local Chemist Shops provide an important community service and attract customers of all ages to other nearby stores” The Government appears to want people to order their prescriptions on-line but where is that primary care the the local pharmacy provides?” 

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The Best Lib Dem Prospect in The East Midlands

Michael Mullaney is our Guest Speaker at THe AGM on 16th November.

Michael is  an experienced local campaigner in Hinckley and Bosworth. He is currently County Councillor for Hinckley..

At both the 2010 and 2015 general elections Michael came a strong second to the Conservatives. Labour were a distant third. The Lib Dems are the main opposition to the Conservatives on Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and have an equal number of county council seats as the Conservatives in Hinckley and Bosworth. This gives the Lib Dems a real chance of winning Bosworth at the next general election.

Michael’s past jobs include working as a carer for elderly and disabled people. He understands that these vital jobs are often underpaid and is pleased that when the Lib Dems were in government they helped take low paid workers out of Income Tax.

We hope that some of Michael's enthusiasm and campaigning knowledge will rub-off on us locally as we prepare for County Elections only 6 months away.

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Liberal Britain at The Crossroads


Daventry Liberal Democrats have arranged an event for members across Northamptonshire to contribute to a discussion about what a Liberal Britain would actually look like.

 The event is being held on Thursday 20th October at the Cross Roads Hotel at Weedon. 

Click on the link for more details :-


This is an event for all members …. old and new. 

 It would be particularly interesting to hear contributions from new members who have joined with fresh ideas of what the Liberal Democrats should aim to deliver.

 If you plan to attend please drop Andrew Simpson an email so that he has some idea of the numbers that he can expect to turn up on the night.

Put the date in your diary

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