Lions led by Donkeys

Remembering The Somme 1st July 1916


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Fighting for Votes at 16

In light of the recent referendum result, as a Young Liberal, I have found this result  disheartening and frustrating.

Joining the party at 16 and now being 17, I have not yet been able to exercise my voice and vote in any democratic election aside from the Liberal Democrat leadership election. This matter disappoints me and,  I’m sure,  many other politically passionate 16 and 17 year olds massively.

From a personal perspective I cannot help but feel that there is an enormous need for change to cater for this currently unheard voice in politics. I and many other young people have been active  in the political landscape since the day I joined the party yet feel angry that I am not allowed to exercise my passionate views through a vote.

Young people have shouted louder than ever on the issue of the European Union and I feel unsatisfied and discouraged that David Cameron declined me and other 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote on an issue that has shifted the tectonic plates of British politics more than any other issue in recent times.

It is clear that young people favoured Remain by a landslide yet they did not get the decision they wanted. It could be argued that this is down to a lack of a voice amongst young people, but also the lack of action to energise the base of young people in the United Kingdom and galvanise their opinion on the issues that will affect their everyday lives and also their future.

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Politics and a Pint July


A break from campaigning in the Westone By Election and a welcome to new members.

Come and join us on  13th July at 7 p.m. at Kingsley Park Working Mens Club, NN2 7HJ  for a pint  and a chat.

Who exactly is running the country? 

We have around 20 new members locally in the last week and would love to see you!

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23rd June 2016


Will 23rd June 2016 go down in history like 6th June 1944?

On 'D' Day in 1944 the men and women of Britain, together with their allies started to build a Europe of Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. 

45 years later we  saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and millions more gained Freedom and Opportunity.

Are we really going to throw all that away?

Vote Remain for a Britain once again leading in Europe not Leaving

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Shirley Williams: We built the EU for our Children!


Our country has a long and great tradition of leadership. Increasingly, we recognise that it has to be not only national leadership but our global leadership, where we are a part of a larger group of human beings seeking a better world and a better life, which makes the greatest difference to our lives.

It would be a tragedy if this country gave up that kind of leadership because it is essential in the modern world, in which countries are totally interconnected with one another.

We have warred for generations over land, resources and ideas, spilling the blood of our children so that one small corner of the continent can put its flag in another small corner of the continent. 
In the last century we called this to an end. We agreed that we had finally had enough of the bloodshed and instead collaborated to build a stronger, more peaceful Europe.

Shirley Williams 21st June

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They're Off!

If you thought the EU referendum is on 23rd June, then you're wrong! Well partly.

Local Councils will be sending out Postal Votes from today, Friday 27th May, and some people will have voted by Monday.

Others  have still to register. IF YOU WANT YOUR SAY then you must register by Midnight 7th JUNE

Likewise if you're going to be away on 23rd June then you will need to arrange a postal vote before 3 p.m. on 8th June.


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Dave or Boris? IDS or Osborne? Why not Caroline or Diane? Emerson or Lucas?

           Is the vote on 23rd about the future of the UK? Or just about which middle-aged man will lead the Tories?

      Why do we not hear from more women, more minorities, More young people ?

Caroline_1.jpg    Abbott.jpg    Merlene.jpg  caroline_2.jpg

Caroline Pidgeon                        Dianne Abbott               Merlene Emerson           & Caroline Lucas

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Leading in Europe not Leaving

stock-vector-the-european-union-map-with-flags-48613987.jpgBritain is recognised as a leading voice in Europe, not just by its European neighbours but countries all over the world, including America and China. Leaving Europe won’t make the EU go away - it will only strip us of our right to influence it, leaving us isolated in our own back yard, less recognised on the world stage and with many of the rules still imposed on us. 

Influence in Brussels

The UK has huge influence in Brussels – we have 10% of MEPs and all decisions made have to be signed off by UK ministers. Leaving Brussels would give us the illusion of sovereignty but actually tie our hands and give us no power to influence EU legislation.

Ability to shape our own future

Our influence and ability to shape our own future is tied up with our membership of the EU. If we want to leave Europe but maintain our access to the Single Market we would have to comply with many of the laws and contribute to the budget. Take Norway for example – they are forced to comply with 75% of EU law.

What’s more, Norway is the 10th largest contributor to the EU budget without having any say over how the money is spent. Former Norwegian Europe Spokesperson, Nikolai Astrup, has warned: “If you want to run Europe, you must be in Europe

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Many 18 to 25 year olds not Registered for Referendum Vote

As many as 30% of younger people are not registered to vote and yet they are the ones who will be most affected by the outcome of the referendum vote on 23rd June.

Make sure you have your say and Register before the deadline on 7th June


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Success you can see

With all Council results across England now in, the Liberal Democrats have clearly won in terms of new councillors gained...with a net gain of forty-five new elected representatives!

We've also gained control of a council. (Watford)

The party's recovery will be a long one, but this is a very positive first step!

Catherine Lomax held her seat in  the Kilsby and Barby Ward of Daventry District and Lib Dems made gains in Milton Keynes and Rugby


Mathew Hulbert's photo.
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