Coffee, Cakes and Chat


Come along to the Lib Dem Office for a coffee and a chat on Tuesday 8th March. There are always a few odd jobs to do or perhaps you can learn how to use the website?

10.30 to around noon

Lib Dem Office

KPWMC 120-126 Kingsley Park Terrace, NN2 7HJ


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"Affordable Homes" are no such thing say Lib Dems


The Government has presented a housing bill to Parliament.  The Conservatives have decided to spend vast sums of money to increase home ownership for the lucky few who manage to get a Starter Home or buy a housing association home under Right to Buy, at the cost of providing homes for those who need a more affordable place to live. That includes the 1.6 million people on social housing waiting lists.



Liberal Democrats  are  fighting the new bill and seeking 6 major changes. These are:

  1. ‘Affordable housing’ must mean homes that are genuinely affordable. What the Government thinks is affordable is simply out of reach for many people.
  2. Councils should not be forced to sell off their council housing. They should have local discretion to manage their homes in the interest of local people.
  3. All homes sold off under the Right to Buy extension must be replaced, by building more of the same types of homes in the same area.
  4. Starter Homes should be for people who want and need to live in them, not bought by cash buyers or let out for profit. They should stay at a discounted price for future buyers too, not just their first owner.
  5. Tenants should have access to the Rogue Landlords database, so they can check out a future landlord before they move.
  6. Higher earning council tenants who are asked to ‘Pay to Stay’ should be earning a decent income before they’re charged more – a couple earning £15,000 each are not ‘high earners’.

There are many other issues we’re tackling, including giving communities a right of appeal on house building in their local area, and bringing back Zero Carbon Homes.

There are a few things Lib Dems welcome, including measures to speed up planning processes. But overall, Tory proposals merely tinkers round the edges when it comes to increasing the supply of new homes and it will have a devastating impact on affordability.

 Party Leader Tim Farron has said this Bill will cause the “death of social housing”.

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Government Policies making local Affordable Housing Crisis worse.


Conservative policies are making Northampton's Housing Crisis worse says Lib Dem Councillor Sally Beardsworth.
" The Government has told Northampton Borough Council that it must sell 100 of its' best homes" says Sally. " The money from these properties will not be imvested in affordable housing locally, but given to The Government to subsidise the right to buy for Housing Association tenants". " A double whammy for the 7,000 plus people on our waiting lists.
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Clean for the Queen Southfields 5th March


Southfields Residents Association and Cllr. Dennis Meredith  have arranged a community clean-up around the estate in honour of HM The Queen's 90th Birthday.

Meet outside the shops at 10:30 am. All litter-picking and safety equipment will be supplied.

Come and give your local area a Spring Clean

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The Pound and Europe

Even the possibility of leaving Europe has today seen the pound sink to a seven-year low against the dollar.


And if we leave, it could get worse – much worse. According to new analysis by Goldman Sachs, the pound could fall by as much as TWENTY PER CENT if we vote to leave.

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Lib Dem Conference on our doorstep

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Boxing Club Gets New Lease of Life

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Leave campaigners won't let a simple thing like the truth get in the way of their scaremongering.

Here are a few of the most outrageous false claims about the EU - SHARE this so everyone knows you can’t believe a word they say on Europe.


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Back for the another year


Starting  Wednesday 10th February

The monthly " Politics and a Pint " is back on the second Wednesday of each month. Come and join local members and supporters and chat over a pint at club prices. Nibbles available. 

Why not discuss the local and national issues or even the football results.

7 p.m. to around 9 p.m.

Kingsley Park Working Mens Club, NN2 7HJ

Contact David Garlick 01604 722242


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Tory Minister says one thing does another


This really makes me mad. Just a few weeks after signing up to the Paris climate change agreement, with the Secretary of State saying the UK is 'absolutely committed' to it, the Government is now trying to pull the rug from under the feet of Britain's solar power industry. 

This is a chance for Britain to get ahead of the game in a growing sector, but sadly the Government is too short-sighted to realise that. 

Today, the Lib Dem members of the Lords will be voting against plans to slash feed-in tariffs, which would not only damage our ambitions on emissions reduction, but also damage an industry that will be crucial in the years ahead.

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